PhenQ Review 2022: Does It Really Worth The Money?

This PhenQ review reveals everything you need to know about the popular weight loss supplement. It is no gainsaying that PhenQ is among the top five supplements for weight loss in the market today because it has been tested and proven to be worth the money with several positive reviews and testimonials to their credit.

PhenQ is produced by Wolfson Berg, a renounced supplements manufacturer that has produced some of the best supplements in the world

However it is important we let you know how PhenQ works, its benefits, components, price and side effects. So in this PhenQ review,  we analyse everything you need to know about the weight loss supplement and we hope this will help you to make a better buying decision.

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What Is PhenQ

First of all, the producer of PhenQ, Wolfson Berg is a well-known company with a good track record in the dietary supplement industry.  According to the manufacturer, the idea of PhenQ is to help women who might have been struggling to lose weight burn fat with little or no effort.

PhenQ dietary supplement formula works in five different ways to achieve weight loss, unlike Trimetone that targets the body in three forms. So, PhenQ is a fat burner that focuses on five aspects when losing weight.

One unique thing we discover in this our PhenQ review is that PhenQ does not only burn fat, it also stops aft production. In other words, it can help you maintain the body you have always wanted after slimming down.

PhenQ Ingredients

Although PhenQ have one or two similar ingredients such as caffeine that are present in its major competitors like PhenGold, and Trimetone, there are a number of its components that makes it unique. Our PhenQ review team analyse these ingredients below and the touch they add to PhenQ.

Caffeine Anhydrous
A-Lacys Reset
Chromium Picolinate
Capsimax Powder

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a common ingredient in most weight loss supplements. It oxidises fat, boosts thermogenesis and energy production. By doing this, the body temperature increases and burn calories. PhenQ contains 142.4 milligrams of caffeine which helps the body to optimize how it utilizes fat and the number of calories taken daily.

A-Lacys Reset

A-Lacys Reset is a trademarked formula that is developed using cutting edge science and research. The main function is to fast track the rate of metabolism in the body. Metabolism is the level at which the body burns fat itself. When the rate of body metabolism increases, the body burn calories faster and thermogenesis also increases.


Piperine is one of the essential ingredients of PhenQ. Though PhenQ has a small quantity (3mg), its function cannot be overridden. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help the body to recover quickly from exercise. Piperine helps the body to fight against chronic illness and disease which makes it one of the unique components of this dietary supplement that is rare in other weight loss pills.

Chromium Picolinate

Sugar and carbs can make you add a few pounds if you don’t control the intake. Sugar and carbs carving are the major cause of overweight and obesity today. That’s why most weight loss supplements focus on appetite suppressants and sugar craving curbing. Chromium Picolinate is that ingredient in PhenQ that will curb your sugar craving and suppress your appetite.

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder mixed with capsicum, piperine, niacin and caffeine is a strong combo that can help lose weight faster than you think. This combo has strong thermogenic properties which can help you burn calories by increasing your body heat.  As stated earlier above, when your body heat increases, it burns more calories.


Nopal is another ingredient that our PhenQ review team discovered is not common in other weight loss supplements. Nopal is highly rich in amino acid and fibre, it provides your body with enough energy needed for losing weight, and also help you flush fluid that could have added more weight as a result of fluid retention, from your tissues into the bloodstream.

PhenQ Review – The Benefits

There is no weight loss supplement that burns fat overnight. The combination of exercise proper diet and prescribed supplement dosage will do the magic. PhenQ will make you achieve the following.

Fat Burning: PhenQ boosts your body metabolism and thus accelerate the fat burning process.

Stop Fat Production: PhenQ ingredients stop the production of new fat and help you maintain your shape.

Boost Energy: You need more energy when you lose weight. PhenQ boost your energy and increases your metabolism

Suppress Appetite: From our research, most top weight loss supplements are appetite suppressants and PhenQ is not left out. It curbs your craving and appetite and stops you from overfeeding.

Improve Mood:  Your concentration matters in achieving weight loss, loss of energy and appetite can make you moody, PhenQ has those ingredients that improve concentration and mood.

PhenQ Price

A bottle of PhenQ goes for $69.95 if you buy 2 bottles at $139,90 and you get an extra bottle free. Buy 3 bottles at $139,90,  get 2 free bottles and a free Adavana cleanser from the manufacturer of Phenq.

Where To Buy PhenQ?

If you would like to give PhenQ a trial today, visit their official website here

PhenQ Side Effects

From real users of PhenQ, no serious side effect has been recorded so far because the ingredients are natural. Although the caffeine present in it can cause nausea, and restlessness, besides that no other one has been recorded, It is good to say PhenQ is safe to use.

PhenQ Users Testimonial

PhenQ Review

PhenQ Review Conclusion

Just like any other review, our research team are always very careful during any research and analyses of any supplement. If you are a new buyer or a returning customer trying to figure out if PhenQ is worth the claims?

Well, let us r-0affirm that our PhenQ review is not based on any personal intention or whatsoever though the links might include some affiliate. However, we are much concerned about your health and lifestyle, hence this review on PhenQ is not biased.

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