How To Lose Ten Pounds In 7 Days At Home (Women)

No doubt, you can lose ten pounds in 7 days. Many people don’t believe that it’s possible but the truth is that it is possible and I’ve tried it. Losing ten pounds a week is one of the easiest things to do if properly done well, though it might not be 10 pounds of fats. It will be a combination of fats, water weight loss.

If you have been doubting the possibilities of how you can Lose Ten Pounds In 7 days, endeavor to read this post to the end and take action. Before I proceed, let me quickly share my recent experience with you. It was early in the year and we usually embark on fasting and praying in my church to commit the year unto the Lord’s hand. Before then, I noticed I’ve gained about 20 pounds which I’m not really comfortable with. I went on 7 days white fasting ( Eating ONLY fruits and water and guess what? The result was amazing. I had already lost over 10 pounds within a week. It was an amazing experience in losing weight with fasting. Don’t worry, I will share the fruits that helped me during the fasting in my next post.
Now back to the business of the today.

Fastest Ways To Lose Ten Pounds In 7 Days

  1. /Fasting: This is my number way to lose 10 pounds easily in 7 days. As you can read above, I recently experienced it and it worked like magic. Apart from losing weight with fasting, there are other benefits you gain from fasting if properly done well. Here, we are not talking about long fasting at a goal, too much fasting could be dangerous to your health. Most especially people living with an ulcer. Don’t try it, there are other fast ways you could follow to lose more than ten pounds easily which will unfold later on However, Fast for 7 days, drink plenty of water, based your diets on fruits and vegetables, and see the magic.

Avoid Junk Foods: Foods with high calorie, high salt, well processed lacks nutrients that your body needs for metabolism. They only increase your body fats and make you add unwanted weight. They include desserts, candy, processed snacks, and baked goods. place your diet on single-ingredient foods and eat much of protein

Avoid Calories Intake: This might be difficult for some people that have craving for junks, fatty foods, and carbs. To lose 10 pounds in a week, you’ll have to stop your calorie intake during the 7 days to get the result.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Placing your diet on vegs, fruits, low sugar and plenty of water will help you shed some calories and stay healthy. In fact, plenty of fruits can make your tummy flat. So, take enough vegs and fruits as you want.

Walk : I know most women don’t have time to exercise after work, taking care of the kids and regular shores. It could be tiring. But you know what? Take a short walk with your spouse for at least 5 days could make you Lose Ten Pounds In 7 days.

.Adhere To A New Meal Plan: In addition to the vegetable, fruits, and water, add lean protein, whole grain and eat only fresh foods. Follow the meal plan moderately and see yourself losing weight in seven days without stress. You can follow these meal plan.

Reduce your craving: Your craving for sugar, high carbs, dressing, dips, and sodium can stop you from achieving weight loss. To lose weight, you need to cut down your fat and sugar intake because fats under your skin increase your size and weight.

In conclusion, losing ten pounds In 7 days is achievable if you follow the plan, however, is it advisable to lose weight with a long plan either through diet, exercise or herbs.

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