Breast Augmentation – How To Enlarge Your Breast

Breast augmentation is a process carried out by plastic surgery experts, it involves the insertion of implants into pockets created behind the breast to make them fuller and bigger.

Women with smaller breasts most times desire bigger and fuller breast for different reasons such as:

  • Boost self-esteem
  • When one breast is bigger than the other
  • To look Sexy in clothes
  • When breast shape Changes after pregnancy
  • To improve sex life
  • They have had a mastectomy
  • To look younger

Breast Augmentation

Whatever your reason is, forms and loss of shape usually occur after pregnancy and during weight loss. This loss of shape makes many women uncomfortable and that is why some of them are ready to spend a fortune on breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation( breast implant) helps t restore the confidence lost due to loss of shape.

In the UK, it is the most common surgical cosmetic procedure performed. Safe, quick and effective. In fact, the result restores hope, confidence, and happiness with your shape.

The Breast implant you should choose
Firstly, your desire should be the first determinant of the type of implant best for you
All implants should be made of an outer layer of silicone
Liquid implants with a simple round shape usually give good results
The silicone used to fill the implant can be in the form of a gel or liquid
Cohesive silicone implants give a fuller and a firmer feel

Things You Should Know During And After Breast Augmentation

Generally, the surgical operation is performed under anesthetic, and it is carried out between 1- 2 hrs depending on the experts.

Surgical incisions options include:
Inframammary- the crease under the breast
Periareolar – he area around the nipple

Mostly, the type of incisions used is determined by the implant, and the size of enlargement, your preference or surgeon’s advise. So, discuss the incision options with your surgeon before undergoing breast augmentation.

The implant is usually placed in a pocket behind your breast. Though at times, your surgeon might recommend that the implant should be placed behind the pectoral muscle if you don’t have enough breast skin to cover, it is not a bad idea.

After Surgery
You might be required to wear a special supportive bra for weeks to help your breasts settle after the procedure
You should be able to start your normal routine after two weeks
Your breast becomes natural and firmer after a few weeks
Breast augmentation usually lasts for a long time. The duration usually depends on an individual’s personal factors.

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