How To Boost Your Immune System Fast

As coronavirus spreads throughout the world, people are scrambling to find ways to protect themselves from getting sick. And one of the ways you can protect yourself is to boost your immune system.

The immune system is the body’s defense against the flu, virus, and all form of infection. The immune system is a collection of structures and processes within the body to protect against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies, it helps to keep the body healthy by attacking germs. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies a variety of threats, including bacteria, parasites, and viruses, and distinguishes them from the body’s healthy tissue, according to Merck Manuals. Thus, it is essential that you know how to boost your immune system against coronavirus.

Vitamins To Boost Immune system

boost your immune system

Numerous studies have proven both the importance and the effectiveness of Zinc and Vitamins C, A and E in supporting the immune system.

A combination of Zinc, Zinc Lozenges with Rosehip which is a source of Vitamin C, A and E, and Acerola, a natural source of Vitamins C and A, all of which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Together they help fortify your body’s natural immunity defenses with their proven immune support for natural ingredients. They also serve as an antiviral defense for cold and flu season. NCBI

Studies have also shown that zinc lozenges may help to reduce the duration of cold symptoms by up to 50 percent and also support your body’s resistance to highly infectious cold and flu. The elderly are particularly prone to zinc deficiency, which means their immune systems are at higher risk thus they need enough Zinc supplement as an immune booster. Source

The body requires Vitamin C for normal physiological functions. It helps in the synthesis and metabolism of tyrosine, folic acid, and tryptophan, hydroxylation of glycine, proline, lysine carnitine and catecholamine. It facilitates the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids and hence lowers blood cholesterol levels. It also increases the absorption of iron in the gut by reducing the ferric to the ferrous state. As an antioxidant, it protects the body from various deleterious effects of free radicals, pollutants, and toxins. NCBI

Foods That Boost Immune System

Ginger, Citrus Fruits, Red bell pepper, Broccoli, Garlic Spinach, Yoghurt, Almonds, Tumeric Green tea, Papaya, Sunflower seeds, and Shellfish are foods that boost your immune system.

Having a sound and long sleep ( at least 7-9 hrs each night) assists your body to recover and defend itself against the virus Havard health.  While you are at sleep at night, the body does critical recovery and repair of essential functions, including your immune system.

Immune Booster Supplement

There are several immune booster supplements with different compositions. However, Immune Defence is a combination of the vitamins listed above proven by studies.

Immune Defence is one of the best immune strengthen supplement that can help you boost your immunity very fast. It is a combination of Zinc supplementation and Vitamin C, provides your body with critical immune-boosting nutrients.

Immune Defence zinc lozenges are recommended for adults and children over the age of 12. Whether you’re fighting off a cold, going through a stressful time or just want to keep your immune system in fighting form, Immune Defence helps provide your body with critical immune-boosting nutrients to keep you healthy and help improve your body’s resistance to colds and illnesses.

The soothing, aniseed flavour lozenges dissolve quickly on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat in Zinc ions and vitamin C.

Taken as soon as you feel the onset of a cold, Immune Defence can help alleviate the duration and symptoms of the cold. Taken daily, Immune Defence ensures you are providing your body with an adequate amount of zinc and vitamin C, which is vital in keeping your immune system healthy and strong.

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