15 Best Weight Loss App For Android

There are hundreds of weight loss app for Android in the play store that claim to be effective. Not all the App has the exact features that can help you lose weight, identifying the right App can ease your weight loss journey. Today, I will be revealing the top rated weight loss App suitable for your Andriod phones.

These android apps come with different features but basically perform the same function. The common characteristics of weight loss app are: calorie, diet, exercise, and lifestyle trackers Other functions such as support, Fees, and rewards depend on the app developer.


Best weight loss App For Android

 15 Best Weight Loss App For Android 2019

1. Lose Weight In 30 Days


This app is designed to help you lose weight within 30 days. It has systematic workouts and diet plans. The workout and be synchronized on Google Fit.

You can track your weight loss progress in graphs and clearly count your calories. You can also set targets for self-encouragement. Since exercise intensity increases step-by-step, don’t forget to take a break every three days so your body can adjust.


– Track weight loss progress
– Track burned calories
– Low-calorie diet plans
– Animations and video guidance
– Various workouts
– Gradually increases exercise intensity

2.  Flat Stomach

best weight loss app 2019


Get a flat tummy with this app by its fat-burning work. The workout plans are systematically and scientifically proven to help you lose belly fat fast and get a flat tummy.

100% free! No hidden charges!
Quick and effective workouts maximize fat burning.
Requires no equipment. Burn belly fat, lose weight and stay fit with just your body weight.
Abs workout exercise with 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) designed by experts.
Suitable for both beginner and pro.
Animation and video guidance are just like your personal workout trainer.
Track your weight loss progress.
Daily workout tracker to track burned calories.
Customized workout reminders remind you to tone your stomach.
Health tips help you develop a balanced diet for weight loss and good health.
Stomach workouts, belly fat exercises, ab workouts, and core workouts are aimed to bring you a flat tummy and a good figure.

My diet  coach

best weight loss applications

My diet coach is an amazing app that can help you make healthy lifestyle changes, find inner motivation, avoid laziness and reluctance.

Customized reminders
Visual weight tracker
Daily challenges program
Record and view your weight loss progress
Diet Planner and diary

4. MyFitnessPal


2019 android weight loss app

MyFitnessPal is one of my favorite and best Weight Loss App For Android. It can help you lose weight, get healthy and change habits.

It is easy to use and you can sign up for Free.

It has a multifunction that can help you track food fast and easy by connecting to 6+ million foods in their database including global items and cuisines.
Set and reach your weight loss goal MyFitnessPal.



weight loss app android


Akti is an ideal weight loss app for losing weight and dieting. The APP provides you with a detailed body weight diary including graphical statistics on your body weight improvements. When updating your body weight, the App will track and comment on your achievements and continuously encourage you to improve.

With the BMI calculator, you can easily calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and find out from graphical interpretations whether you are overweight, underweight or have normal weight.

 See 5 Best Weight Loss Calculator 2019


6. Lose It

Android apps for weight loss


Here is another fantastic and effective weight loss app for android. It uses the proven principles of calorie tracking to help you succeed.

All you need is to enter your profile details and goal weight, and it will calculate the daily calorie budget best for you.
You can also track your food, weight, and activity. With this app, you are just one step to losing weight.


7. Slim Now

slim Now weight loss App

Slim Now is one of the BEST weight loss app for women to lose belly fat at home.

The Weight Loss Workout app for females contains cardio workouts, workouts for women, women workouts female fitness, hip workout, arm workout, core workouts, daily workout, fat-burning workout, weight loss fitness, HIIT to lose belly fat at home & meet your weight loss fitness goals.


8. Detox Diet Plan- Lose Fat Fast In 7 Days

fat burning apps

If you are looking for a FREE offline app that works best for weight loss, then downloading this app won’t be a bad idea. It has a week( 7days) diet plan that can help you lose weight fast. The plan contains low-calorie meal planner and a weight loss app BMI calculator which you can use to calculate your body mass.
Its features are numerous and can help you achieve a lot in weight loss, fat burning and healthy living.


9.  Handy Weight Loss Tracker, BMI

weight loss calculator app

Weight loss tracker and BMI calculator are essential apps that can help you lose weight fast by tracking your body weight  BMI and knowing how healthy is your body.

This handy Weight and BMI tracker holds your progress in the most efficient way as a diary and a graphic. Any time you may see all your weight loss progress. Observing your results is the best motivation for further weight loss.

The Features

You can enter your body weight easily to the weight diary with a handy number picker
Track your BMI just by specifying your height in profile
It allows you to back up the data of your body weight recorder to an SD card and transfer it to your new smartphone
Choose how to display your progress – as a graph or a table
Add a comment for weighing.


10. Weight Loss & Fitness Workouts

android weight loss apps

Weight Loss & Fitness Workouts app is another weight loss app for android that can help you lose weight, get a flat tummy & strengthen your abdominal muscles.

It includes videos that show how to perform each exercise and provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. You can stay fit without having to go to the gym.

No equipment or coach is needed, all exercises can be performed easily just by watching the videos included in this app.
This app has workouts for your abs, butt, chest, back, biceps, calf, forearms, legs, shoulders, triceps etc. It can effectively tone your muscles and help you get six pack abs at home


10. Staple Weight Loss Recipes 

One of the newest Android apps with positive ratings.weight loss recipes app

This App has a collection of different weight loss recipes perfect for losing weight. From perfectly cooked chicken breasts to fish in a bag, to the healthiest smoothies, roasted vegetables, salads, soups, and healthy eating treats like cookies and mousse.

Knowing these recipes will give you the foundation for healthy eating for the rest of your life and set you up to achieve all your fitness and weight loss goals!

All weight loss recipes are presented with simple and detailed instructions and photos.

So if you are looking for weight loss foods to lose weight, download this app now and get the best weight loss recipes.


11. Aweso.Me

Lose weight in 30 days.

With numerous downloads and excellent reviews in the play store, Aweso is a workout for women that want to have a great body, without working out like crazy & going to the gym all the time. With Awesome you will exercise a few times a week from your home, no more than 20 minutes per workout. The workouts are highly effective, quick, and simple.

Whatever your goals, this app will get you there fast, by exercising the smart way. It is free, has no pushy advertisements or trying to get any money out of you. Just a user-friendly, achievable and motivational workout plan.


12. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

best weight loss app for android

With over 400k positive reviews on the play store, no doubt this app has been able to satisfy customers effectively.

The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout,  is designed by a professional fitness coach, is scientifically proven to help improve fitness and health.

Also, this app can synchronize with burned calorie data on Google Fit. Stick with the program, and you will see amazing results.

By fully considering workouts rules, 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout increases exercise intensity step by step, so you can easily stick to daily workouts.

You don’t need to go to the gym, just use your bodyweight and take a few minutes a day, 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout will greatly help you keep fit and lose weight effectively.

Check it out to see its amazing features.


13. Lose Weight and Belly Fat in 30 Days

lose weight app

Lose Weight and Belly Fat in 30 Days is the app that will help you to lose belly fat through some belly fat loss exercise in a quick time period.

This app permits you to create a fat-burning workout plan so that you can grow to be fit and healthy.

Similarly, in this app, fitness & bodybuilding exercises with an in-depth description for each exercise with images are featured for full length following steps for every belly fat loss exercise.

Lose Weight and Belly Fat in 30 Days aids in a fat-burning workout at home, which is convenient and suitable for male and female fitness.


14.  Fat Burning Workouts – Lose Weight Home Workout

weight loss app for android
Fat Burning Workouts app is perfect for both men and women who want to achieve fast weight loss.

With super effective fat burning workouts, you can lose fat on your belly, legs, arms and get in better shape.

No equipment needed, all workouts can be performed at home or anywhere at any time.

You can track calories burned and weight loss progress in graphs.

Follow the 30-day plan and take 5-10 minutes a day to slim down and stay healthy!


15. Lose Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

Best weight loss app for android

Here is the last but not the least of my top 15 Weight Loss App For Android 2019

If you want to lose belly fat fast and get a flat tummy, then download this App now.

It has an amazing video that will show you about “how to lose belly fat in a week” without doing ab crunches (Standing ab workout to lose belly fat fast for women).

With this app, you don’t need to go to the gym either do you need an instructor.


Download any of these apps now and start your weight loss journey. If you have used any of the listed apps above, kindly share your experience in the comment section below to help others. Also, if you would like to feature your App or product on our page, contact us HERE.



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